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T E N N I S   A C A D E M Y



Academy Family,

October was a hit! We added 4 more trophies as an academy, we graduated 5 of our 100's to the 200's & overall the quality of tennis across the academy has drastically improved. Moving into November, we're excited for the numbers in 100 to be a little smaller allowing for more hands on training, and equally excited for the numbers increasing in 200 allowing more students to break into the tournament scene!

Below you will find hoodies! (yay!), the 2023 tournament schedule & some tournament 101's, a call to "keep the racket in your hands," and lastly, from a coach's POV, "what we're seeing at the tournaments."

Thank you so much for being a part of MMTA!


Coach Taylor

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We heard you! We're excited to offer the academy hoodie above. If you are interesting in purchasing one please do the following.

1. Venmo Tjjhardy1 $32

2. In the "what's in for" section include your sizing (youth sizes available!) and color (black or gray)

3. Done!

Please have your order in by 5:00pm on November 11th.

Orders placed after this date will be $36.

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Last year around this time I did a write up about something Drew and I's dad would often say this time of year, "We get better in the winter." There are few things I dislike more than playing tennis in the cold. Without fail, each time I'd start feeling like I want to put the racket down and stay inside to enjoy the warmth of our home, he'd hit me again with it, "we get better in the winter." We'd go to the courts and strike some, and in all honesty, it rarely felt like we were "getting better." The those hand-numbing training sessions at a vacant Calhoun tennis center were arduous. 




Come spring, I always had some of my best tournaments. While the cold entitled most to put the racket down, my dad rewired my mind to see it as an opportunity. I believe it's true in nearly all facets of life, consistency wins, especially in tennis. You have to get going, you have to keep swinging, you simply have to keep the racket in your hand. Victory follows those we remain consistent.



My charge to you this winter is remain steadfast, and watch the results that follow.

Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love him.


James 1:12 (ESV)

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We are stepping up the strength of our tournament schedule in 2023 with the inclusion of four level 5 events, all while including a couple of level 7's as well. For those families new to tournaments, ask all the questions we are here to help! In short, here's tournaments 101 at MMTA.

In the United States, there are predominately two sanctioning tennis bodies for junior tennis, the USTA & the UTR. We play both. MMTA is an UTR academy, when we host a tournament it will be UTR. We are only one of two programs within 50 miles that are pioneering the UTR platform.

USTA junior profiles are free. You can register here.

UTR junior profiles are free as well. You can register here.


IMPORTANT: UTR offers what's called a power membership for $100 annually. This membership has several perks (check the link above), but perhaps its most prominent benefit is that it discounts all UTR registrations by $12. Each event we host has two divisions, singles & doubles ($24 worth of discounts with PM per event), and we will be hosting 6 events next year; additionally, for those that plan to attend, our summer camp utilized the UTR platform each week for one sanctioned match day (8 weeks or $96 in potential savings). In short, there is $240 worth of savings available to you with the purchase of a power membership just at Moore's Mill alone in 2023.

We sell power memberships. If you are interested in one, please do not purchase it through the UTR website, but rather contact Coach Taylor (205-960-3379), and we will get you set up! Thank you for supporting your local tennis club!

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We have attended a wealth of tournaments now and from my point of view, there are three prevailing tennis-game characteristics that are winning routinely at the Level 6 tournament class.

1. Consistent from the ground

I know this isn't earth-shattering, but those players playing main draw on Sunday, are consistent. They have very few, "unforced errors." They do miss, but you have to force them to miss, by varying the spins and speeds, and moving them on the court. 

2. High first serve percentage (few double faults)

Their serve isn't always fast, but it is in the box often. There are few double faults, and therefore few free points given, and because of this they are able to give their attention to "how do I win this tennis match," instead of, "how do i not lose this match."

3. Great movement & Anticipation

They are not necessarily fast, but those players winning Level 6 tournaments are great anticipators of the ball's action. They move back to strike the ball in the strike-zone, they move up to take the ball off the rise, their are few double bounces and few winners hit on them, simply because they are great at understanding offense and defense on the court.

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No one became great at anything doing it merely twice a week. In an effort to provide another opportunity for students to get on the court, we are again offering Group Private Lessons (GPLs) this fall.


100 Group Private Lesson (100’s only) Mondays from 4:00-5:00pm


200 Group Private Lesson (200’s only) Wednesdays 4:30-5:30pm (followed by match play)


300 Group Private Lesson (300’s only) Wednesdays from 4:30-5:30pm (followed by match play)

Depending upon demand and coach availability, we may add additional GPL’s to the schedule. You can also facilitate your own GPL; we do ask that each GPL have a minimum of 4 participates.

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