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T E N N I S   A C A D E M Y



Academy Family,



I’m sorry I didn’t get a June newsletter out, we found ourselves terribly busy with summer kicking off and I simply couldn’t find the time, but its been an amazing summer thus far and we're thrilled we get to do it another month! July's newsletter includes a lot, so read thoroughly especially those highlighted green items. I hope you all are having the very best summer!




The 100 Academy class has worked so hard! They have taken on the heat and truly set themselves up for success come this fall. Moving to an hour and half over the summer was the best decision! It has allowed us adequate time for water breaks and plenty of ball striking. A great deal of time has been spent of technique this summer. Great technique is foundational for students’ progress in the sport. Our hope is to control the environment enough that proper form is easily maintained and ultimately habitual when students are placed in live ball situations. We are so proud of the 100’s, let’s finish the summer strong!



The 200 & 300 Academy classes have taken on the rigorous 14 hours a week training of the Summer Academy Camp, and it has been amazing! The students have been pushed to their limits both physically and mentally. Whether it was training consistency on the “orange nets,” physical endurance with pool workouts, or familiarizing students with playing under pressure through “make-the-ball-or-run” scenarios, academy camp has accomplished its simply task, make the student better. As we wrapped up last week’s camp this past Friday, it become overwhelming obvious how much each student had progressed, especially those who have attended multiple weeks, and the MMTA Coaches are excited for the victories to come.



I’m excited to announce that we will be serving at Women’s Hope for Serve Day this year! This ministry had a major impact on Jess and I just a few years ago. I was in seminary and Jess was a senior in college when we got pregnant with Hutch. Needless to say, we were very broke and very unsure as to what we needed to do to prepare for our child. Women’s Hope came alongside us and was the biggest blessing. I remember going with Jess the first day, and they mentioned that if the father attended all the classes, they would award the him with a baby crib for the child. I knew I could not afford a baby crib, so I was determined to earn it for Hutch. After several months, we finished all the classes, and I received the crib. I was so proud of that crib. I took it home and built it and Hutch slept in it just until recently when we got him a full. It would mean a great deal to me if the ministry that served my family so well could now be served by the new family I now have on the tennis court. See details below!



Location: 832 Stage Rd Auburn, Alabama 36830


Date: 07/16/2022


Time: 8:00am - 12:00pm


Description: Indoor & Outdoor tasks: painting, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, pressure washing, landscaping, and more.



Please let me know you if can attend as soon as you can by simply texting me at (205) 960-3379. I need to let the Serve Leader know how many we have coming! Thanks!


“It is more blessed to give than to receive.” – Jesus



After “running the numbers” I don't think it's going to be worthwhile traveling THIS year to Kissimmee for the Winter Park tournament, but! We have to have one last hoorah! Instead, I’d like us to go see some world-class tennis at the Atlanta Open!


I’d like us to attend session 11, a semi-final round, on Saturday July 30th. Currently tickets are starting at $75 each. The match is at 12:00pm ET. If you would like to attend, please let me know by 3:00pm on Thursday July 7th. I will purchase the tickets and do my best to get us all in the same section.


If you would like to assist us in carpooling, please let me know that as well. I am so excited for the students to see the pros in person!


Little hitters (ages 4-6) will continue to be on Mondays & Wednesdays from 3:30-4:30pm.


Academy 100 will continue to be on Tuesdays & Thursdays 4:00-5:00pm.


Academy 200/300 will continue to be on Tuesdays & Thursdays, but is changing to 4:30-6:30pm. The 200/300 often felt rushed in the spring, the two-hour morning sessions this summer have felt like the perfect amount of training time.


No one became great at anything doing it merely twice a week. In an effort to provide another opportunity for students to get on the court, we are again offering Group Private Lessons (GPLs) this fall.


100 Group Private Lesson (100’s only) Mondays from 4:00-5:00pm


200 Group Private Lesson (200’s only) Wednesdays 4:30-5:30pm (followed by match play)


300 Group Private Lesson (300’s only) Mondays from 4:30-5:30pm (followed by match play)

Depending upon demand and coach availability, we may add additional GPL’s to the schedule. You can also facilitate your own GPL; we do ask that each GPL have a minimum of 4 participates.


Little Hitters


$88 (8 hours a month)


Academy 100


$88 (8 hours a month)


Academy 200


$176 (16 hours a month)


Academy 300


$176 (16 hours a month)


There is a $20 surcharge for all non-members.


Remember perhaps the quickest & easiest way to find tournament information is at:

We've done our best to compile our tournament list here and provide updated live links directly to the tournament's unique URL.

Rackets and Net

That's a wrap for July's newsletter! Thank you so much for your time and thank you so much for being part of MMTA. We love y'all! We'll see you on the courts!


Coach Taylor

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